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Welcome to Healing Change!

Are you ready for a change?  You have come to the right place!

Some of the benefits from using the techniques are:

  • Release negative emotions

  • Change negative beliefs

  • Experience more joy

  • Pain and stress management

  • Increased well-being and health

  • Balance your mood

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • and much more...


The techniques used in the private sessions are Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Codes CoachingGuided ImageryEFT (Meridian Tapping), and Matrix ReimprintingUnless you request a specific technique to be used, I often combine the different techniques, depending on what would work the best for you. 


The sessions will help you to balance your energy systems and the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels of your being.


You will leave the sessions with tools that you can use at home to continue the healing work and progress towards a healthier and better you.


I look forward to seeing you!


Marie Adams

For more information or to schedule your free 20-minute phone or online consultation contact:

Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT


Available Sessions
  • Energy Balancing

  • Coaching

  • EFT/Meridian Tapping

  • Online Sessions

  • Chakra Balancing

  • and more

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