Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT  is the owner of Healing Change.


Marie has been a professional therapist for over 24 years. She is an empathetic listener as well as caring, non-judgmental and supportive. All sessions are completely confidential and performed in a safe and trusting environment.


Marie is a certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP), authorized Eden Energy Medicine for Women Instructor and Eden Energy Medicine Teacher of EM 101 and 102 classes. She's a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), and registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado. She is also an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and a Reiki Healing Master.


Marie's background is in Physical Therapy and she has a degree (equivalent to Bachelors) in Physical Therapy from Lund University in Sweden. She is a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) in the State of Colorado and Sweden.


Other Courses and Training


  • Acupressure Mastery Program; Michael Reed Gach PhD

  • Acupoint Physical Medicine Certification; International Academy of Medical Acupuncture

  • Life Force Energy Healing level 1; Deborah King

  • Touch for Health I; International Kinesiology College

  • EFT Advanced Certificate of Completion; Pat Carrington/The EFT Certificate of Completion Program

  • EFT for Serious Diseases; Gary Craig, Springfield MO, 2004

  • Myofascial Release I+II; John Barnes/MFR Treatment Centers & Seminars

  • Myofascial Unwinding; John Barnes/MFR Treatment Centers & Seminars

  • CranioSacral Therapy I; The Upledger Institute

  • Awakening Your Light Body Course; Rev. Marakai D'ane/Orin & DaBen





Disclaimer:  Energy Medicine or any other techniques mentioned on this website are NOT a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychological healthcare advice.  The term energy medicine is not intended to represent that energy medicine is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical problems.  Practitioners of energy medicine are not diagnosing or treating the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field, but instead are working with the energetic body.

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