About Malmö

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with a population of about 300 000 people. It's a coastal city located in the southern part of Sweden just across from Copenhagen. The two cities are connected through the striking Öresund Bridge. 

Malmö is a blend of new and old. One of the newer areas is the

West Harbour, where Kockum Fritid, the class location for the

Foundations is located, close to the Turning Torso building, (which has

become a landmark for Malmö), and long trails of walking and biking 

paths along the beautiful sandy beach called Ribersborg.








In downtown Malmö you'll find the older areas like Lilla Torg; a cobblestone square with cafes, half-timbered houses (from the 1500's) and shops selling local handicrafts and the neighborhood Gamla Väster with old cobblestone streets.

Turning Torso
Foundations class 2017-18 with Öresund Bridge in the background, at Kockum Fritid

Malmö is called the City of Parks in Sweden. It has eight beautiful, public parks. Malmö Castle is a fortress, built in the 1500's, (now a museum) located right next to downtown.

Heading 6
Pildammsparken - one of Malmö's parks
Malmö Castle

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