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Eden Energy Medicine 

Level 1: Fundamentals Training

Malmö, Sweden 2022-23

Join the Exciting Field of Energy Medicine!

The Level 1: Fundamentals Training is a year-long program that will help you learn and practice the foundation of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM).  Those who wish to become certified may continue on to a second year of study in the EEM Certification Program.

Course Details:

  • No prerequisites required to enroll

  • One-year program with Certificate of Completion

  • Four weekends and at-home supervised practice

  • Strong mix of teaching and practice time

  • Classes are taught in English and materials are also in English


Learn How To:

  • Expand the toolbox of your own personal health and well-being

  • Integrate Eden Energy Medicine into your professional health care practice

  • Develop skills for your role as a caregiver to family and friends

Location: The classes are held at Kockum Fritid, in a modern area called the West Harbor, right by the water, close to the beautiful sandy beach of Ribersborg in central Malmö. More info here:  About Malmo and the Class location

Travel: It's easy to get to Malmö from two airports closeby. If you fly into Copenhagen's international airport, it's a short 25-minute train ride directly from the airport to the Central Train station (Centralstationen) in Malmö.

You can also fly into Malmo airport if you're coming from within Europe. From there it's a 40-minute bus ride ( to the Central Station.

"Empowering people with the tools to heal themselves is my passion!"  
 -  Donna Eden


Kockum Fritid

Västra Varvsgatan 8

Malmö, Sweden


  • May 5-8, 

  • July 21-24

  • Oct 13-16

  • Jan 12-15

Times: (subject to change)

Thursday: 10am-6:30pm

Friday: 9am-6:30pm

Saturday: 9am-4:30pm

Sunday: 9am-3pm


Deposit to Innersource: $350

Class 1: US $1095
Class 2: US $1095
Class 3: US $1095
Class 4: US $745

Full year: $4380

How to get around within Malmö: From the Central Station there are two city buses (number 2 and 3) that stop right outside Kockum Fritid. Malmö is a very walk-able city. If you want to stay close to downtown it probably takes about 25-30 minutes to walk to Kockum Fritid. There is also the possibility to rent a bike.

Accommodations: The closest hotel is Park Inn by Radisson only a few minutes walking distance away from Kockum Fritid. There are many hotels in central Malmö. Other options are

Restaurants: Kockum Fritid has a restaurant on site with snacks, drinks and lunch options (always one vegetarian).  There are many restaurants close by, for example Indian, Sushi, Salad and Smoothie bars, Italian and others. There is also a large grocery store nearby, Ica Maxi, with a nice salad bar and many healthier food options.

Snacks: There will be water and fruit in the conference room all day and in the afternoon you'll be served coffee, tea and a pastry. Please bring your own snacks if you have other food preferences.

Weather: Malmö being in the southern part of Sweden, has a milder climate than the rest of Sweden. It's comparable to the UK, perhaps being only a few degrees colder.  The high temperatures in the summers might be on average around 20-23 degrees Celsius (68-74 F) but the last few years there have been a few periods when the temperature came up to the same as around the Mediterranean (Mallorca, Spain). It rarely snows in the winter (December-February) but it does get cold and windy. 

MarieAdams01 (2).jpg
About your Fundamentals Teacher:

Marie Adams is a native of Sweden and has lived in the US for 25 years. She is very excited about teaching the Fundamentals classes in her hometown of Malmö. She’s an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) and also a licensed Physical Therapist, certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Psychology Practitioner. She has been working in the health care field for 30 years+ and integrated EEM into her private practice more than 14 years ago. Marie has seen great improvements in herself and others from using EEM and she now loves sharing these amazing energy medicine techniques with her students.


You register for the Fundamentals classes in two easy steps!

STEP 1:  Put down a $350 deposit at Eden Method's website and

​you'll receive some very rich and helpful bonus videos if you sign up before April 18th 2022:

  • Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques - a 6-Hour Streaming Class

  • The Energies of Love Class - a 6 Hour Streaming Class 

  • Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body



STEP 2: Register for the Fundamentals Classes in Sweden. 

Watch Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine!

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